Love Raw addiction has stepped up another level. I came across Love Raw a few months ago. I had one bite of their Cre&m filled wafers bar and I was hooked. It was love at first bite and I started buying it all the time. Love Raw has decided to take their flavour to a whole new level with their addition. They have added Cre&m wafer bar “White Choc”. GOT A LITTLE DISCOUNT for you all till 30th April… CHECK IT DOWN BELOW.

I am not a big fan of white Chocolate in general but I think this has changed my mind. Its creamy with a hazelnut and almond filling, its full of flavour and one pack is definitely not enough. Well its not enough for me. If you cant have refined sugar and gluten you might want to skip this one. They do have other chocolates as well. CLICK HERE

They have a variety of other chocolates which I have used to make porridge and some just ate it as is. They have 5 buttercup options , 3 m:lk choc bar and now 2 wafers. Don’t you feel spoilt for choice right now!!! I was definitely when I received all of them. If I worry why I gain weight, I will blame Love Raw for making delicious naught choices…. hahahah.

This baked porridge was beautiful…… I really do mean it. It tasted so good and Love Raw chocolate was just the cherry on top. Who says porridges have to be boring.


2 thoughts on “Love Raw Chocolate Addiction

  1. readandreviewit says:

    Love this! I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I’ll have to check them out, they look great. Thanks for sharing!

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