Its been an insane one year for me and hopefully it keeps getting better. I was living in Dubai for a couple of months, a place I call home until I moved back to the UK. Some thought I move back to Edinburgh ( my 2nd home), but no.. I am in Horsham. This little town is a hidden gem with some lovely people. I have been meeting up with some talents which have been featured on my blog and youtube channel. I have to say I feel blessed everyday. 


Today I look out my window wondering where time has gone… but I wouldn’t change a thing. The people I have met so far have taught me so much from mistakes to great accomplishments. I have out good days and bad days but it just makes me a stronger and better person.  The 28 years of my life on this earth, I never thought I would be on the journey I am on now. 


Of course this journey does not have a final destination… I grew up moving to different countries, cities and even towns so living out of a suitcase seems the norm. This year has changed alot for me but in the best way. I started to do what I have wanted to TRAVEL…. The World is a beautiful place and there is so much to see that a TV or laptop screen can’t  give you.. REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. 


Through this journey and in the 4 and half years of blogging and now vlogging I learned something amazing… I love being Farah. I know  it sounds like I am full of myself… Really I am not even close to that. As most of us growing up we dream of being in someone else shoes who are rich, famous or who have 2 million instagram followers… I used to have all those thoughts apart from the instagram follower ( that is not a life goal). Today I say… My life is pretty good, I get meet amazing people, do great projects, travel to different places and in all this learn to love being in my own shoes. 


Top: Zara


Shoes: Hotter

Necklace: A gift from a friend 

Photos by : Adriana from Kuraberry


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