As for months on end before deciding on the right location for Talent 2015, we looked into locations but the perfect match was No.8 Lister Square. I know to most they think its insane to pick a gastro bar for a fashion show but the team and I decided to step out of the comfort zone. We were trying to bring it to a wider audience in a different way, how ?

Photo credit: Marina Papagianni

The upstairs of No.8 Lister Square was comfortable and funky with their couches, colour scheme and layout. The place felt the right to create a welcoming atmosphere to another of Metropolitan Fashion Show’s in Scotland. The floors were perfect for walking on especially for photographers as it creates a perfect frame for pictures during a show. For the fashion show we adjusted the seating to fit about 55 people upstairs comfortable especially for press.


Photo Credit : Marina Papagianni 

The 2 weeks before the show we used No.8 Lister Square for more photoshoots and played around with ideas. We had most of out photographers on the set to create their masterpieces, it was testing their ability on their briefs they had.


Photo Credit: Kaz Strathemore 

The downstairs of No.8 Lister Square is beautifully spaced out for a runway. We took the runway from inside to outside giving more light to the long walk. 
The No.8 Lister Square gave the team and I first class treatment from chances for rehearsals, photoshoots and the full support from their team. The support of the venue is vital to any show, as it molds it together in the right way. 

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