I know I have been off the raider since my big move back to the UK. It has been a big change of life and weather ( from heat to cold , not my idea of a holiday). I have been digging into my new job and new home… where is it … Horsham… Where is Horsham?… DOWN SOUTH!!! Through this transition I have had to layer up and move from flip flops to boots. BYE BYE FEET! Of course this does not stop me from being the crazy and hyper active FAZ you all know.


Its layering season for me so coats, jumpers, thermals, jeans and many more are my trend especially boots. Of course, I have a few sunny days here and there but it doesn’t mean I can swap my coat for a bikini just yet.


When I arrived back in the UK the first stop of shopping was to buy a pair of solid boots, in my world that means CLARKS. Yes, I sound like a Clarks addicted but its been the only company where all my boots lasted past 2 years. That to me means alot as I do wear my boots constantly especially when I am back in Scotland.


My first pick for my winter wardrobe of shoes was Clarks Orinoco Spice -Brown Snuff. Its comfortable to wear, easy to style and I just love a pair of brown boots. I usually always buy the typical black boots but last year after styling a few things with brown boots and brogues I just feel in love with the colour.

I decided to show you a few things you can style these boots with, there is the basic colours but with a twist here and there.

clarks boots1- Chenielle Jumper for £14.99 from HM

2-Skinny Regular Jeans  for £19.99 from HM

3-Grey Rib Midi Dress for £28 on sale £15 from Miss Selfridge

4-Textured Vicose Skirt £35 from Oasis

5-Sparkle Tweet Hattie Skirt for £38 from Oasis

6-Checked Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat for £89 from Topshop

7-Semi Precious Rhinestone Necklace  for £22.50 from Topshop

8-Clean Leather Saddle Bag ( the silver colour seems to be out of stock so I suggest the tan colour) £30 from Topshop


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