A full day in Madrid and Jose helped me by seeing some beautiful parts of the city. We walked a lot, came across a market and had some divine food. Its always good to have a local to see the real city.

I started with a quick breakfast at my hostel ( The Hat Madrid) for 3.50 Euros. It was great because they provided me with what I needed to start my day. I found it great that it was just what I would eat a hotel but for 80% off the price. I have read a few reviews on other hostels, not are all like this so MUST check all reviews. I booked through Hostel World.

I head out to wander the streets, so I went down the main streets in Madrid to check out the shopping. The main streets are Serrano, Gayo and even Call Funencarral. It needed a few bits and bobs as I did not bring everything with me. I like buying clothing in Spain and Portugal because it tends to be colourful and fun.

I met up with my fab friend Jose and wondered till we found Mercadillo Del Gato. It was a market with some lovely independent designers. I loving buying unique pieces from designers when I travel.

We walked through the city to end up near El Retiro Park. It was beautiful, big and spaces with so many people walking through. There was little rowing boats that we can hire, the Crystal Palace and stunning views where we were taking pictures. I do love parks !

Jose introduced me to Street XO and it has been unforgettable since visiting. I love the concept, the open kitchen, the quality of food and the lovely staff. The make the meals right infront of you and bring the meals to your table with the chef to explain what is in it. The staff where helpful and a joy to watch make the food.

Dessert was simple and delicious from Rocambolesc, which is just right infront of Street XO in Corte Ingles ( there is two in Madrid, this is made for food).

As we ate a good amount, we wondered with Jose showing me some hot spots ( check out my video) of Madrid. We came to Gymage which is perfect if you like the gym and want to chill. As the sunsets in Madrid, I had a mojito and a catch up with Jose over new projects and adventures.

We finished the night at El Imparcial. I didn’t even know it was a restaurant until we walked upstairs. It was beautifully designed and the food has alot of taste and quality. I highly recommend trying the win especially Cojon El Gato :).

A full day in Madrid was just full of interesting things I didn’t know about the city. Its definitely a city with a lot of magic and 2 days is not enough to see it all. The photography in this post is a collaboration with Jose Miguel Mangas .




15 thoughts on “Little Markets and Street XO in Madrid

  1. Alyssa says:

    Ahh I live here and everything you did was PERFECT! The Hat is my favorite in the summer with the rooftop and the food at XO is so crazy. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Pierre says:

    Are those the famous tapas in the video? Looks apppeetizing!LoL..Seems like you were in Madrid for the ultimate food trip! Your video makes me want to book for Madrid ASAP. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Katie says:

    I’m so glad for your food recommendations – these sound right up my street as I love to eat all the local foods when I travel!

  4. Claire says:

    I have never been to Madrid, but I clearly need to go there! The weather is terrible in London today and looking at your post I am dying for some sun and good food!

  5. Synz says:

    It’s really an advantage to have a local with you when you explore the city. And just reading your post and watching your video about this trip, I can tell you really had a great time. 😀

  6. Lucy says:

    Madrid looks so fun to visit, I have been to Barcelona, but it seems completely different. It looks like you ate well there, food always make great memories.

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