Its that wonderful time of the year where going away is on the agenda. I was off to Lisbon and the excitement couldn’t be more crazy than when the 22nd arrived. The flight was great with Easyjet, and arrived just in time to see the beauty of the nightlife. It all sounds perfect till I reach my hotel in Lisbon. Its called misleading a customer or more like cheating them. 


It was the afternoon and the taxi was waiting outside my flat ( booked it because Southern Rail stricts… Again). My mum and I , checked in everything and headed into Duty free to eat. In South Terminal at Gatwick Airport, I tend to always go for Comptoir Libanais- they have great choice of arab food. The flight was on time and it was smooth most of the way. The view of Lisbon from high above was lovely:) 


As soon as  we got out of the airport, we rushed to quick taxi line, when I mean quick I really do mean it. The taxi’s were quick collecting customers from the line. To get to our hotel location in Chiado was not too complicated and to be honest it was pretty cheap. Our hotel was Duas Nacoes Hotel, which was lovely from the pictures we saw on . I was pretty excited to just relax for a little while before heading out for dinner….all until I entered the room. I was in shock and extremely disappointed, we were mislead for sure. I was so angry and only to make matters worse, the staff were making a excuses for everything. The rooms were horrible , small and on top of it not the same as the pictures online. They changed our room to their SUITE… that was neither better, in a box room with a small tiny window but the one that tipped me off was the cockroach in the bathroom. About 10pm when back at my hotel, the staff were shouting downstairs and I heard it all the way to the 4th floor. It was a nightmare I just wanted to get out of.  I AM SO SORRY FOR THE RANT but this all had to be said. Below are 2 images… the 1st – what was adverstized on … the 2nd is what I actually got. 


This is what was advertised on about the hotel!!



This is what we got at the hotel… from contacting, they didnt now about this at all. 


After this horrible encounter, I left the hotel for some dinner to rethink of what to do. I head to a food court in Armazens Do Chiado. Its a mall that has several stores like Sephora, Kiko, Pandora and much more and some great easy and quick food. On our way back to my nightmare, we stopped at the Benfica Store and Cafe for a little timeout. 

The reason I wanted to write this, is that I don’t want any customers to feel mislead like I did at this hotel. It is not fair on any customer to pay money for something that is below the standards required and promised. We contacted and they went and investigated as they did not know this was happening. 

To see more .. Check out this video… 

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