The last of such a great trip to a beautiful city … I wanted to just stay there. The sun was shining ever day, food was great, people were lovely and the energy was on another level. The best part is being able to go with my one of my best friends, and share the adventure together. The last day called for my last run of training around the city … so an early morning run was called for again. 


A good 5K run all the way to Terreiro Do Paco was just perfect for the last morning in Lisbon till my next trip back. I ran back to apartment and got my self sorted to leave the flat. Not my happiest moment but back to work was a must for little me.



We packed up and left the flat to head to the train station in Rosso where we stored out luggage. As its not easy walking around the whole city with a big backpack.. I love the Douchbag backpacks but I decided to put everything in it hahaha which is not perfect for my back. 


It was just about 10am and it is time for breakfast…. a full breakfast and tea makes my day ! Of course I had to catch Nadia taking pictures of herself and snapchating haahaaha. 


Hot days calls for ice cream with some extra love of waffles at Amorino which we found walking through Chiado. It just made my day extra sweet!


When walking through the city we came across boutiques which were part of the vogue fashion week. I am in love with Inkkas shoe brand. Their collection is colourful, fun and right up my street with my wardrobe. 


It has come to the end of the trip…. but this is not Goodbye when it comes to Portugal. I will be back soon !


Check out the journey …. 

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