Instead of looking at everyone with the colourful hair … I decided to take the plunge and change my hair colour. It stead of going typically brown or blond… I did a mix! Of course being in Horsham I have on lady to go to Emma at Rush Salon

new hair 1

It was my first time have my hair going through this all.. and what an experience ! I am so glad I was in a professionals chair. I got tired of looking at all the colourful hair I loved and wanted to take the plunge. Emma was the women I run to for my madness and she said I am sorted. So my bum was on the chair at 6pm … and the journey begins !!!!

new hair 5

Emma talked me through the whole thing to ensure I was ready for it. I said .. “YES PLEASE”. Of course the thought of my hair being completely bleached made me freeze for a second before I said YES. 

I look insanely scary …. Its more like blond gone wrong but lucky for me this is not the final look. For those that haven’t had their hair bleached, its a little bit of painful itch to the skull. 

Emma started putting the colours in but before it all was applied she was making sure her side kick new even more about hair. I loved watching it all, from asking questions about what colours needed ? how is apply it ? what to look into? . It shows professionals teaching new talents to create beautiful hair. 

new hair 12

The final results where just what I wanted… A new look, with new colours that make me happy. 

new hair 4

The change wasn’t so bad …. 🙂 



If you live in Horsham and want to try RUSH HAIR with Emma: CLICK HERE

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