We all need that extra push and with a fitness bootcamp anything its possible. I decided to join friday’s sessions with Fitness Bootcamp Dubai ( FBCdxb), and with the sun out it was a good reason to push through and keep fit. I am not at the fitness level I want to be at but with determination and challenge the body I will get there. The team behind FBCdxb was what I consider the great trio. 

I have know FBCDXB from when I lived in Dubai a few years ago and the transformations they create are beyond amazing. I have seen a few of their before and after of the clients they work with, definitely a good reason to join the camp. They classes motivate me to keep fit which is why I wanted to join in on their weekend session. They provide the clients with the best of their ability and push them to reach their goals. They pushed me to the max which was great ( no I am not crazy ), because the make me feel like anything is possible even when I feel like giving up. 

Personal Trainer Mostafa and his team (Khalil and Naima) are amazing from start to finish at Friday bootcamp. They provided us with loads of workouts to work on different parts of the body, and they pushed us all and gave us the pep talk. It felt the burn half way through the camp but I wanted results so I pushed. Its definitely worth a try! They have about everyday a bootcamp session and at a great time to give everyone after work a chance to release the stress. No I am no crazy, but I find working out after a hard days work, release alot of my stress. 


It is a must try.. They have great deals every month, so try out and see the results!!!

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