This year I have decided it is time to take care of myself even more… I can be a lazy bum at times and then complain why I can’t fit into my new dress, after having MacDonalds or lots of cake…lol ( typical woman) . This year I am making a change and decided to get myself together and start exercising every other day and eat better. Of course when I exercise I am not the type to wear all black…. I need colour, colour and more colour. Nike just had it all for me; colours, style and trend with alot of comfort. 

I am in love with Nike sportswear for women, they are fun, funky and colourful !!

 My neon trainers were from the men’s section as I don’t have wee fit…. 🙁 but I do love them because they are bright and yellow 🙂 !

 I tend to mix my workouts between the gym and studio as I do love to have my time to just break out into a dance…. my inner craziness comes out. 

 I exercise nearly every other day and aim to stay fit, I have lost a wee bit of wait which is not my aim. I am slowly toning and building my back muscles due to a spinal treatment. 

Learning to have a focus is the best part of exercising, and pushing myself more and more to be able to have the energy. 

I will be posting from time to time my improvements and interviews with trainers and techniques to help. 

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