Ever since I opened my blog about 4 and half years ago in Scotland, I have always supported Scottish Independent brands. As the years go by I collect from every Scottish designer to my wardrobe looks like a boutique ( hehehehe.. I love having unique pieces). This time its was time to get some Karen Mabon love with her amazing scarves… And it was love at first sign when I saw this one scarf. When you see it you will know why……

Karen M3

I had to have this scarf because I love quirky things which stand out with my style. I love colour, I love patterns and I love being a wee odd ball especially in the town I live in.. ( I stand out like a sore thumb..hehehe).

Karen M5

Finally I can tell you the reason why I bought this beauty from Karen Mabon… It has dogs on it and most important of all PUGGGGGGGGGGGGS!!!!! Yes I am obsessed with pugs and I blame my sister for bring Princess Lily into my life. The scarf has a variety of small dogs dressed up in custom. Karen M7

I bought the 90cmx90cm silk scarf which is really easy to wear with everything in my mad wardrobe of exploding colours.


I attempted and tried to make it into a head scarf with the help from “The Colour Pop Girls”. Its my first attempt but practice makes perfect.




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