We are two weeks into Veganurary and its all going well. I have a few friends taking the challenge of Veganuary and they are have said they see the changes. This year, over 500,000 people joined in on the challenge. Its insanely amazing knowing how many people are making a difference. The supermarkets, small business , and chains have joined in on this, and have seen positive increases in their sales around the world.

Photo from Veganuary Website

Lets start with the list..


The supermarket in the UK have totally gone all in to support Veganuary within the UK. They have even created their own vegan range to bring in my products. These are the supermarkets with their brand names:

  1. Aldi – Plant Menu
  2. Tesco – Wicked and Plant Chef
  3. Asda – Plant Based
  4. Marks and Spencer – Plant Kitchen
  5. Morrisons- V Taste
  6. Sainsbury- Plant Pioneers
  7. Iceland- The No Meat Company
  8. Waitros – They have their green packaging which is labeled Vegan on it.

All these supermarkets have also created Veganuary pages, to make it easier for customers to find products. As on Veganuary page there is over 1200 vegan products available.

A try to shop at my locals intown because they usually have vegan stuff for example : Natural Way in Horsham.

Take-Aways and Restaurants

The culture of take-aways don’t die out especially the way the world is in 2020 and now 2021. This is not stopping the usual restaurants switching to a take-away. The big chains like Pizza Express, Wagamamas, Domininos , Pizza Hut and more have joined in on Veganurary like crazy. There is more than one option, in the vegan world its a celebration. I can definitely say so, as I do not like just having one option.

A good thing is to also check if your locals . Its all about supporting out community and encouraging them to bringing in more vegan options.

Social Media Vegan Cook

Instagram and youtube has blown up with amazing and inspiring vegan cooks. They show you how to create some delicious dishes to fill up the belly. These are some of my favourite:

  1. Bosh.TV – On instagram, youtube and has books
  2. Chez.Jorge
  3. Sovegan – On instagram and have cook books
  4. Avantgardenvegan – on instagram, youtube and cookbooks
  5. The.Korean.Vegan
  6. Azizisvegan
  7. Plantyou
  8. Veganbrownthing
  9. Onegreatvegan

This is just 2% of the amazing vegan cooks online that can give you some delicious recipes.

Social Media Vegan News/ Activist

There are few instagrams I look for information on products available, new and more on the world of vegan. These are some that I look at:

  1. Vegan_food_uk
  2. Accidentlyveganuk
  3. weareveganuary
  4. earthlinged
  5. vegan_friendly_uk
  6. Wefoundvegan
  7. Totallyveganbuzz
  8. Plantbased News

These are just a few but this might help with those that want to know a bit more.

I hope this all helps you through your great Veganuary journey.

Here is how I became a vegan. CLICK HERE

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