January was a month of many new things for World of faz. It all starts with my first Instagram workshops in Horsham. It was completely unexpected. I havent ever taught a workshop, so it was a learning experience. I was approached by Pop-up Horsham, to create a workshop on the 25th January. The workshop was fully book within the first 10 days of annoucing it. I was then asked open another workshop a few day earlier, on the 21st January . It was exciting to see the amount of people interested in the Workshop.

On the 21st Janurary was at 12.30pm at Pop-up Horsham. The reason to have these workshops, is to help businesses grow through social media. I have been benefiting from Instagram, so I wanted to help others through their journey. Alot of businesses do not realize the free marketing platforms like Instagram, facebook, twitter and even tiktok can be used to gain clients.

The workshop on the 25th, was a full house with familiar faces and new ones. It was a wonderful feeling, being able to teach others how to use what they already have. It takes a little bit of time but in the long run, its worth it.  All workshops were an hour with a Q&A after.

There will be more workshops to sign up to in the future in Horsham, so those with a business can learn as well as grow.

If you wish to have a one on one session with me for your Instagram , please email worldoffazstyle@gmail.com.


All photos by Danilo Torrisi Photography 


12 thoughts on “Instagram Workshop at Horsham Pop-Up Shop

  1. Deborah says:

    This Instagram pop up is such a fun idea and I have never seen anything like it before. I wonder if they will ever be a thing in lots of different countries/towns.

  2. Chikumo Fiseko says:

    This is such a great workshop! I would definitely be looking forward to your next workshop and if time permits, I will attend! Excited to learn more about how to leverage on Instagram.

  3. Christian Foremost says:

    Im sire this will be helpful especially to those business out there who are looking to expand their customers! The internet a d social media is truly the way to go!

  4. Ntensibe Edgar says:

    Yyyeeessssss! You are doing the lord’s work, Faz! Instagram is the new business card and avenue of the world. Whoever can own it now, has the dollars in their pocket!

  5. Gladys Nava says:

    Instagram is one of the biggest platforms that we can use for businesses. And I am glad you are having a workshop on this! Amazing!

  6. Marysa says:

    That’s neat that there are instagram workshops out there. I’ve never heard of this and would love to be able to attend one.

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