I am known for jumping on to trying new ways to keep fit, running is the usual but its not enough. After a few weeks of running on Kite Beach, I ended up joining NRC Dubai. I kind of got motivated to join due to an influencer – Abdulla Al Qassimi ( Insta: @askayad). I feel blessed that I got  to join them for the last week in Dubai because it has really given me the push to do more in 2017.  

Download the APP on to your phone, and find your #NRC family !

On my first run with the group it was at Marina Mall, and as a first timer I got lost so I ran longer than I should. I can’t complain as I pushed to see what I was able to do this time. I ran around the Marina and I didn’t know how big it was till I finish the run. Coach Luke and pacers were great and cheered everyone on to reach the finish line. It was a really nice experience to run with a group which something I don’t do usually. 

The 2nd run was the Speed Run, something I really havent done since high school. It was a good 5km run with different paces. It was a really good workout to wake up the body.. Yes I do get lazy at times but this was something I needed to push of body fat. We ran around Zabeel Park , where the coach and pacers set up different paces to join in with from fast to slightly slower ( especially for beginners like me ). The group was bigger and I love it because we all pushed each other to finish it. 

I loved that I got to meet a family of fitness lovers and influencers especially Abdulla (Insta: Askayed) and Bashar ( Insta: Bashar_alhamadi) and many more. These two guys are truly inspiring with how much they push their bodies in running and even triathlons. 

My last run with this fab running family was Ready Set Go at Burj Park on a Friday morning. A great way to start the morning and my sort of last day in Dubai. It was tough as it was hot for me but I managed to finish it all and was happy. 

Coach Luke ( @coach.luke.dubai)  led the run and kept us going through it all, gave us a good stretch and advance for after runs. He is definitely a trainer to check out on instagram and gives great advice especially to first timers like me. 

These are the all so famous coaches and pacers who have been pushing me for 3 runs. It was such a pleasure getting to run with them and getting to know them. 


Since joining the 3 runs I managed to lose 5% body fat and now I am push even more. 

I MISS MY NRC DUBAI family !!!

Check out the insta:

Karl (@Sowhatifiamkarl) – Moahmmed ( @M.a.alkindi123) – Coach Roots (@Coach.roots) – Vanessa (@vbousalah)- Ahmed (@ahmedbasel88) – Almira (@myworld.u) – Ann (@annuvero) – Sheryl (@just_run_sheryl_run)


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  1. Mohammed Alkindi says:

    Wow that’s so nice ….. I wish all the best …. and believe me you will reach your goal so fast as long as you commitment with exercises and workouts

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