I love playing around with new ideas when it comes to photoshoots especially with the talent I had around me in Scotland. I asked the talented Alexis Aitchson from Urban Decay , Chloe from The Temple Salon and Gav Young the fab photographer to join forces with me to just have fun.

I have been living in Scotland for nearly 5 years and just recently moved back to my home city of Dubai. Through my journey in Edinburgh, the people I met are amazing and talented which I am very happy to have been met. I managed to open up a lovely small organization called Metropolitan Fashion Show which show cases the best talents of the present and the future. 
Even when opening Metropolitan Fashion Show, the stress was always there but I always smiled because its a dream come true. 
The stress sometimes makes me want to hide but with the right friends around me I forget the issues and look at the solutions. 
In time, I learn to step out of the darkness and into the light with colours which lift me up.
Stress may show through the eyes but so does passion and the love for what I do and how I look at life! 

Taking the time to look and reflect on my life to see what I was and how far I have come has made a difference to my life. There are times I am stressed but I believe it is all worth it because I am love every bit of what I do. I love blogging , meeting new people with in the industry, organzing shows and making a difference. 

Straples Black Top: Warehouse
Pink Skirt: Asos 
Yellow Skirt: Asos
Make-Up: Alexis Aitchson 
Hair: Chloe McKinstrey from Temple Salon 
Photographer: Gav Young

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