This is long overdue but finally its up, my article in Women’s Health Magazine Middle East. It was years and years of struggle with my weight and scoliosis. I was honored that the magazine asked me to tell my story through reaching my goal and finding that perfect exercise to keep me fit.

It has taken me time to find the right exercise to relieve my back pains which caused me to be depressed. As most know with depression you eat more and exercise less which had a bad effect on me. After moving to Dubai, I decided to put my foot down and save myself. Physique 57 was my wake up call on the best exercise to help me with all my health problems. I know people give excuses, I have this and I have that and I can’t do that….. I used to use those excuses all the time and realised I hurt myself from  my health to my confidence. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!! I stand today, keeping fit as much as I can, changed my diet with a few cheat meals from time to time. 


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