Its hard to find the dress for you or body and sometimes just the one that speaks to you with all the right words. I feel in love with Red Carpet Luxury Dresses sold at Psychomoda boutique in Edinburgh when I saw a few of them at Edinburgh Mela. 

The colour of the dress is beautiful and so classic as well as timeless! 

 My love for this dress grew as I tried it on and saw the beautiful train which was stunning and detailed!
 The sleeves onf the dress made a difference to the dress at it looks elegant but most of all I felt gorgeous in the dress!
 I am know for my addiction to yellow and once I tried this dress on, I knew it was meant for me !
 The colour suited me and the style flattered my weirdly shapped body at all the right points!
It nade me feel like I needed to walk the red carpet 🙂 a girl can dream !!
Makeup and hair by Myself 
Photos by Kaz Strathemore from Strathemore Photography

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