Finding the right dress and the right colour… its not to hard if your open minded to try new silhouettes and colours. It has taken me years of shopping and trials with a little bit of errors to find the colour for my complexion. When it comes to style… Well its up to you. I try to be honest with myself. I love going to Carolyn Baxter Boutique, as the mermaid fits seem to do well on my funny shape body… This time I am the lady in blue! 


The colour blue has alot of meanings especially to the individual wearing it. I find the colour blue classier compared to black especially on a wee brownie like me. Its adds colour to my life, keeps me calm but it also does the right thing to me in difficult situation ( like my fat days). I love bright colours but it doesn’t always suit me when I have my days OFF and not in the mood, with navy blue it sets a tone that a smile is just enough. 


I do find this dress stunning on any woman which why Carolyn Baxter is my lady to go when I need a dress. She fits to your body and makes me feel as well as look like a goddess. Which is every woman’s final result !!! 


It all looks well when your location is as beautiful as Steak Edinburgh where they sell the best steaks on plate…ohh making myself hungry. I think the lady in blue suits a location like this 🙂 

Dress: Carolyn Baxter

Necklace and Earrings: Miss Guzel 

Make up: Kifah 

Location: Steak Edinburgh 

Images by Rang Images 


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