Colours play a very important role in your life as well as mine. Colours reflect on our mood and why we choose is sometimes depends on the past, the experience or even culturally. Fatma Al Mulla (FMM) creates fun designs which relate to my childhood or something we see on a daily base. Every piece of the FMM, I wear with confidence and relate it to my style. WHY colour ????

Ever since I can remember I was a child that loved bright colours as it certainly reflects my happy mood. I am known to be a yellow and orange person because they are colours that remind me of happy places, good times, sunshine, the good energy, liveliness and summer. Over the past few years I have been adding other options like red, pink, blue and many more. I have developed more confidence with every colour I wear, that I stopped doubting how I see myself.

This dress was love at first sight when I saw it. The mixture of colours of red and pink made me feel energetic, youthful, feminine with a pinch of excitement. Its a dress for every body type, can be dressed up or dressed down and is different.


Fatma Al Mulla creates every piece of her collection with a reflection of her mood, attitude, and passion.  I constantly buy the FMM phone cases as I can relate to what she designs them into. The recent phone cover I bought in arabic means ‘Not Allow’, a word that I used to hear allot as a kid from my school teachers.

It’s wonderful coming across dresses that bring out the best in yourself. This dress brings has qualities from the colour, style, mobility to do anything in it. I can style this dress for any occasion with high heels for an event, trainers for a casual walk around or slippers even to pop out to the mall.

The FMM collection varies every season with new and fun themes which relate to a lot of people born in 80’s and 90’s in the Middle East. The collections can be found online or at a variety of pop-up from time to time around Dubai.


Photos by Mohammed Idris 

Designer : Fatma Al Mulla

Sunglasses : LEVUR – (15% off all purchases with “FARAH15)

Location : Dunes Apartment Hotel – Al Barsha ( Book on )



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