Today is my birthday and I turn 30. Age is just a number, how you really feel is what matters. It’s a quote I can completely agree with, especially when I am really 21 in my mind. While you read this I am most likely on the beach in Portugal, chilling with friends or I am a restaurant laughing with more friends.

When I reached 29 everyone told me, I was just one year closer to getting old in my 30s. Other say something completely different, some may say its just the beginning of another crazy adventure. I have to say I am completely happy hearing that part. My parents taught me to live life and aim to be happy with or without a load of money in the bank. So I certainly see no danger into being 30 at all, its more like the year to come of changes.

What will I do next? travel more, write more, vlog more, live more and dance alot more. I do have some plans to check a few things off my very long bucket list but it will all happen in due time. Life for me every day is usually unplanned, which what I love the most.  A quote I live by each day is by Oscar Wilde, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”. It’s a quote that is so true as our lives have been so occupied by instagram life or living the life everyone else wants but your not happy. I live with taking each day as it comes, grow, experience and love the present moment I am in.

In my 20s, I was worried about my look’s from my hair to my body shape. I wanted to be fitter, have abs, a big butt and more. That was my 20s, now turning 30 and I love me. I love my body as I am healthy, I love how I look because its who I am with confidence, I love the big nose and eyes have because God blessed me with it, I love the big feet I have because it balances me out ( sounds crazy to others) and most of all I love me alot more. I know what I am worth and I do not degrade my self for no one.

To end this blog post I leave you with another quote that reflects how I think :

“Laugh as much as you breath, Love as much as you live.”




Photos by Danilo Torrisi – Torrisi Photography

Make-up and Hair : Tia Bliss- Tia Bliss Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist

1st Outfit: Pink Bohemian top and shorts- La Vida Boutique 

2nd Outfit : Peach star dress: ISAWITFIRST 


15 thoughts on “I AM ALL GOOD TURNING 30

  1. Marcella says:

    Happy birthday! You are so right putting the quote of Oscar Wilde in and realising it is so true. Many people never realise or when they do they are way beyond 30. May you stay in good health and keep enjoying life!!

  2. laura says:

    Happy birthday and welcome to the 30’s club. I too dont feel my age, i actually feel younger than i did a few years ago. glad to see you also loving and living life to its best!

  3. Rawan says:

    Ahhh sweet babe. Loved your view on turning 30. Happy birthday by the way. I’m turning 40 this year and I feel like 30. I felt my 30s finished too quick though but I’m ready to embrace what the 40s have in-store for me. So enjoy yours do as much as you can and stay healthy!

  4. Claire says:

    Happy Birthday! I turned thirty a little while back and the weird thing is that since I don’t care anymore about my age! 30 is the new 20 anyway so let’s enjoy it!

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