Horsham’s First Vegan Fest was surprising and a success. The event had about 2000 people walking through it with a variety of vendors to buy from. The event was on Saturday 23rd February at the Drill Hall in Horsham, England. I found the event filled with alot of new faces and some wonderful familiar ones. This is all part of Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, and this was certainly a great addiction to the events.

I arrived at the Drill hall at 11:30am thinking there was not going to be alot of people. Of course I was wrong!!! I entered to see a room full of excited faces, I was one of those excited faces after seeing some of the vendors. Ever since moving to Horsham 3 years ago, I found it extremely difficult to find dairy free choices from cheese, milk and even desserts. Over the past year and half the Horsham Market has been introducing vegan choices.

The queen behind My Little Gluten Free Kitchen has always been my go to for my desserts. She is usually at Horsham market with some delicious vegan and gluten free choices. I was happy to see her part of the Vegan fest, and I more happy seeing the crowd around her.

As the world is slightly changing towards being plastic free, I love going to Earth Kind to stock up on my nuts, seed, dates and other stuff in my pantry. She provides everything that you would need to make a nutritionist meal. Earth Kind goes beyond the pantry and provide vegan wax wraps, cashew and almond milk and more. Its a great start if you are pushing more towards zero waste.

The food at the Vegan Fest were wonderful and variety but my eyes were aimed at the Greek vegan food. It smelled and looked soo good. I high recommend to try their food.

Those tea lovers should try out Raduga teas. There is such a variety of flavours and can be bought as tea bags or loose tea. I tried about every single one and choose Honeybush and Turmeric.

The new addition to my cupboard and dishes is Vegan Garlic Mayo from BeFries. It is so delicious as a dip or even a replacement of plain mayo in a sandwich.

I can’t wait for many more events like this to come. 

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