I have been going to Horsham market ever since I moved to the town. Markets are the place I love going to the most, from it’s organic choices to the community feel. Over the years, Horsham Markert has changed and it keeps getting better especially with the new management of the market. It has become a market with international choices from India to Jamaica and many more.


Jah Jyot  

Punjab Street food, they started it all with their tasty flavours of lunch time goodies. They provide choices that tickle my belly with excitement like Masala Dosa with a variety of fillings. My mum is at their stand every Saturday for their lamb samosas.


Bready’s Delights

This Jamaican food van has a palette of food made to comfort the stomach. It made me happy seeing oxtail curry, something I grew up with as a kid. Their jerk chicken gives the perfect kick of spice and flavour at an affordable price.


Al The Pieman

The king of pies at Horsham Market, with such flavorsome vegetarian and vegan choices I have tried. He does other pies with pork, beef and other meats. I think his pies are just perfectly made, as its made with alot of love.


Flavours of Mauritius

A food truck that has got me crawling to them for a good hearty biryani. Their heavenly flavours of Mauritius has my mind wondering if I should book a flight. If you are the person that loves some heat in your food, you have to try the roti.


Chu Chu

They are creating an aroma of happiness for a belly that loves the herbs and spices from Burma (Myanmar). If you can’t go to Southeast Asian, then it will come to you. They tend to change their options from time to time, but their red lentil dhal is a must try.


Box Trot

A new addition to the Horsham Market family and a very happily welcomed one. They create some enticing dishes from middle eastern, Mexican and many more. I managed to try their sweet potato tacos and sweet potato fries – as you can tell I am a sweet potato addict. They a definitely a must try.



The name says it all of what they bring to the market, vegan food. The man behind it all brings choices of delightful vegan meals, with some enjoyable choices of taste. I was definitely happy.


Ginger Rookes

It was love at first taste with Ginger Rookes when the market first came into my life. The man behind it all has the biggest smile on his face, and it goes perfectly well with the food he dishes out. He tends to change his menu which all goes with the season.


The Little Gluten-Free Kitchen

My little gluten-free kitchen is my guilty pleasure every chance I get to head to the market. The beauty who creates these master pieces of dessert makes me smile. The choices change from time to time with new recipes she has come up with.


Hot Fresh Donuts

The one place that has by pockets empty every Thursday and Saturday with freshly made donuts. Their donuts are by far the best in the market, and each piece fulfills me with joy.




16 thoughts on “Horsham Market Brings In Some Amazing Food

  1. Lydia says:

    I really love such markets and I am definitely adding the Horsham Markert to my bucket list, Farah. Plus, that street food seems delightful. What shouldn’t I miss trying when visiting Horsham Markert?

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love international food markets like this! I’m salivating as I look at the photos. I can spend all day just trying each food stall. Did you get to try them all? Lol

  3. Teresa "Tess" says:

    Markets are the best. My favorites that you listed (although I’ve never been) were Al the Pieman, the Little Gluten-Free Kitchen, and Hot Fresh Donuts. Can you tell I like pastry, lol, whether it’s savory or sweet.

  4. Nerissa says:

    I’m part Mauritian and I just got so excited to see the cuisine there! It’s not very common at food markets, but I wish it was because the food is so yummy! Then again I am slightly biased haha

  5. Nafisa Habib says:

    I can see it is really worth to explore this market. So many yummy dishes possible to taste and making me hungry, heheh. I’m loving this spicy dish from GINGER ROOKES. And hot fresh donuts!!!!

  6. Aireona says:

    This has been the week of food posts for me, but your’s takes the cake. I love all of the variety so much! It really feels like you had a food adventure, and I wish I had been there. I wish we had something this fun where I live. XD

  7. Lyne says:

    Visiting market is one of my favourite thing to do when visiting – all the shops and foods looks so good! I’d love to visit it.

  8. Victoria says:

    I’m a foodie so I love trying out new things to eat when I travel. It’s a great way to experience a new culture! Glad to see the Caribbean represented in Jamaica!

  9. Rosemary says:

    Love local markets and exploring all the delightful little bites. Everything you’ve described at this market sounds divine. I’d be right there with your mom for freshly made lamb samosas. Yum!!

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