I love trying new things so going to the market is the best place to see it all. In Horsham, there is a market every Thursday and Saturday selling different things from food, clothing, flowers and more. I tend to try most of whats on the market especially with my sweet tooth.

Brownies are my weakness if they are really good.. and these are reallllllly good. Just Brownies is the most popular in the market, most of us run to get the best of them. My love is the Dairy Free and Gluten Free and their original chocolate brown.  

This is my Saturday must have when at the market from Leading Lady Cakes… She makes the best lemon cake which is also Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Of course I end up buy all the lemon cakes in the end. She usually comes the first Saturday of Every month. There is a few other options and she can make specials especially for occasions.

Macaron loving from South Coast Macarons… I always tend on getting a few as I go through the market.Some Raspberry,  vanilla, chocolate and so many more love flavours. These are easy bite for that sweet tooth and nice with a cup of tea infront of the TV. 

I feel in love with the wee kids clothing from Molly Coddle Childernswear. I loved the fun colours, simple silhouettes and the variety. She also makes lovely capes which granny, mother and daughter can wear… matching !!! 

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