There are days we can’t make it to the gym, so home workouts are the next best thing. Home workouts can be done with your body or some extra help like Flex Core 8. I kept seeing this product on TV and online for a while, and always wondered if it worked. The only way to find out is to get it and try it. Does it work? Do you see results ? how many times do I need to use it for it to really work? The usual questions…. Results…

For a good 1-2 weeks I mixed up my workouts using full body weight and the Flex Core. It was to see the difference in resistance to make workouts harder. The tougher they are the better it us ( thats how I think ). The product comes with a quick manual on the way to use it and the exercises. Of course that’s not enough for me so youtube was the next resource. Check out Rockin Direct for more choices and demonstrations.

The Flex Core workstation is great for a 30 minute home workout when you got no time to hit the gym. It helps with burn the fat at a good pace, build the muscle needed and strength that core. The first week there was no expectation of definite results but it was important to get the hang of using the flex core. If you have week back muscles, this is a great choice to help you build them slowly and each level helps intensify the workout.

In the past week, my upper has slowly changed with more strength I didn’t really bother pushing on before. It helps me gain a stronger core, which I will be honest I tend on skipping at the gym. As I started using the Flex Core, I take the 30 minutes at home to aim at building those stomach muscle as well as a full body. I highly recommend this equipment if you are the last few months your weight loss, it helps to tone and burns at the same time.

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