Haskapa has made berries easily accessible in just one bag. They have made freeze dried super berries. Haskapa has 4 times more anthocyanin and 3 times more antioxidants.

This can be used in numerous ways in your everyday routine. I like it in pancakes. I make my vegan protein pancakes every Saturday. Using Haskapa saves me from always buying fresh berries.

Every morning I have porridge and usually with alot of fruits. I have recently started to add a teaspoon of Haskapa to give me extra nutrients for the morning. It helps boost up my morning and I have become more protective.

I also put Haskapa in just warm water. It has a sour but yet sweet taste. Its a great alternative to drinking just tea.

I also decided to add it into my baking and made cupcakes with it.

Haskapa has proven in just two weeks that its worth using it for my body, skin and mind.

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