In order to be happy, be healthy you got to be honest with yourself. We live off the world of social media, and admire others. There is a tendency to look at their figure, their face and their over photoshopped face. This seems to be the images people want to look like or they want to be. It has become a life goal, for some, which is sad. The life goals to be happy and healthy does not seem to be a priority. I am saying this all due to the emails I receive  from young girls, teens and women in general concerned about my looks, style and how honest I am about myself.

Since we were kids, we watched cartoons and movies about the perfect girl finds the perfect man. Her face is flawless, dresses beautiful and life is simple. So as we grow up, we sort of try to follow the same pattern but with some add on’s with going to college/university, trying to get the high paid job, to find the partner , get married and have babies. Is that happiness for everyone ???! I don’t think so. As we thinking we are living life, we forget to love ourselves, treat ourselves and appreciate ourselves. We want to chill with our friends, be like ourselves, please them and more…. and you forget who you are.

I say all this because I used to be one of those people, my friends first before me. WHHHHHHHAT was I think?! We have our moments and we choose to learn from them or not. I can not say it was an easy journey to step our of my bubble but I did. It took time, patience and determination to make myself happy. I think my change really kicked in properly in October 2016, when I decided to shave my head. I had already had several colours in my hair to the point I didn’t like my hair. I read into different stories of how we women think our hair is what makes us beautiful. It inspired me to make a change.

Shaving my head was really the best thing I have ever done and it came with a good cause. I managed to raise a good amount of money for Macmillian Cancer Support. The day I shaved my head, I saw myself in a different light which made me happier. I was not scared to stand outside with no hair on my head. It was not my hair that made me beautiful, it is my personality that makes me beautiful. It was honesty like no other. It was the start to another chapter of my life and a journey to be happy.

The woman I am today is strong, happy, loving, kind, ambitious, passionate and full of laughter. There are parts of me that have got better with time. I am healthier, fitter and it all took a little bit of my honesty to get my there.

Photos by Cheryl Zimmermann

Kimono cardigan: Amitie

Top: Collectif from RetroEsque

Trousers: Zara

Shoes: Dancing Days by Banned from RetroEsque

Earrings : Lara Heems


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