Can’t believe I am now 29 years old and I smiling even more than when I was 28. I don’t feel my age and I certainly don’t seem to look it as well. I have to say I take after my mum with her young genes, she certainly doesn’t look like a mum. The year has gone by with such an amazing love for life. I got to do so much I didn’t think I was able to do, travel more than before, love myself ( something we all forget to do), and learn to live a life of ‘NO REGRETS’.

In a year I managed to raise alot of my money for charity, travel to countries that I am in love with, work with amazing brands, get fitter ( all due my fab doctors at Medstar), push myself to fall in love with myself, I also got to catch up with some good old friends and make news ones on the journey. I definitely feel 21 at times due to how much I get up to in a week.

What would I do without this girl, my sister. We are pole opposites but we both support each other- seriously she pushed me at times when I gave up on myself. As this year has been a roller coaster my sister has been my biggest supporter through thick and thin. She is my best friend and the one I drive crazy with my long talks. I do think at times I do put her to sleep on the phone ( might need to try to stop talking like parrot hahahaha).

I got to travel alone to Vienna, Austria– a city I have always wanted to visit. Traveling alone was lovely and something I needed for myself. I got to also travel to Lisbon, Portugal with one of my best friends and it was a load of fun. I learnt to love Portugal like it was my own home ( they remind me so much of Arabs). CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL HERE OF FULL VIDEOS

Now the day that made me love myself , where my life changed for the better… 1st October 2016. I shaved my head for BRAVE THE SHAVE. It was a point in my life where I smiled even more than I usually do, where I saw myself as beautiful and sexy, where I appreciated life even more. Shaving my head got my emotional because of the amount of support I got from the family and friends in my life. Even at Rush Hair people were cheering my on, and I just teared up with joy. From that day on the word ‘Ugly’ was not a word I used very often.

Surrounding my life with beautiful soul friends was another blessing I add to my life. I have been blessed to have supportive and crazy friends who always inspire me. I have known Natalie ever since I moved to Scotland and she has been like a sister who boogies with me on the dance floor all night long. These two are always up for a good laugh and good food, I loved being able to visit them. I glad I have friends from around the world who always remind me of the great things in life.

The next stop on my travel journey was Milan, Italy. My mum and I got to relive a journey we took when I was kid. It was so much fun with some delicious food. Italian pizza’s is LOOOOOOOOOVE!


The next part of the crazy journey was traveling with my awesome mum for new years. We share the same birthday but also are both up for an adventure. We decided to head of to Portugal for Christmas and New Years, and it was definitely worth the trip. The food we ate, the wine we drank and the people we met made Portugal seem like home to us. Porto is definitely a place I would highly recommend for New Years… We got to see Blind Zero Live and sing on streets of Porto.

Just with in a spam of 2 weeks, I was off home to Dubai for another crazy adventure. I got to catch up with my family, friends and have epic memories. I got to eat 50m in the sky at Dinner in Sky, do yoga on a paddle board, meet kymani Marley, get taught golf by a pro, eat in some divine restaurants and best of all see ENRIQUE IGLESIAS live in Dubai. I have to say that was my all time best moment of being home in Dubai, especially when I embrassed myself on Virgin Radio ‘Screaming ‘ at the top of my lungs.

I got to be part of 2 fashion shows with Essence of Fashion in Horsham. I don’t get to do is as often so I jumped at the chance. I met beautiful Alice a year ago and once we collaborated we were unstoppable. I am blessed to called her my friend because she has a heart of gold and a soul so beautiful. I am glad I got to organised a show and model for the brand.

The last bit of my mad journey to 29 was heading back to Lisbon by myself. This time I decided to catch up with some old friends, learn to cook some Portuguese food, eat alot of food and even between it all manage to go for my run. Even on a cloudy day , I love Lisbon more and more.

When it came to me getting fit, I have to thank a lot of people as well myself for pushing me through it. Its been an epic ride of fitness and its still continuing. I keep getting better and better every time I decide to take a challenge. If I am like this at 29, Β God only knows what I am like at 30. Β To be honest, its just a number because I am as young was I want to be.





22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me .. A Year Younger

  1. Nick & Anya says:

    What a great year! And don’t forget all the dancing you did! πŸ™‚ Roll on the next 12 months – remember they all just keep getting better.

  2. Penny says:

    You are so confident. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to shave my head. Just the thought of cutting it short is worrisome though my last cut was probably the shortest I have ever done.

  3. Theresa says:

    What an amazing year you had! I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to shave my head. I do love travelling with my mom though; we’re going on a trip together next month! Kudos to you.

  4. Edith Rodriguez says:

    First of all Happy Birthday! And congratulations on leading such an adventurous life. Keep doing it because the best is yet to come. Love that you shaved your head, traveled solo, and so much more.

  5. lexie says:

    Wow I love you adventures, shaving your head is the bravest thing to do. I mean for me I can’t do that without a reason, Bravo to your bravery. I’m so happy while reading your post. thanks for sharing to us!

  6. Katie says:

    So happy to hear you are smiling more than last year and that you had a fantastic year! There is something about travel and experience new things on a regularly basis that just makes you feel amazing and free!

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