As you grow you learn more about yourself from mistakes , accomplishments and other matters. I learn about myself more and more but most of all I learnt how to be me. We all tend to change when we are around new people or your friends in general to fit in. DONT DO IT !!!! If you want to change for your inner peace, go for it but don’t change your unique character.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

It took me time to find my inner peace but it was worth the journey to where I am today. I live in a world of creating positive energy to share it with others. The negativity comes and goes but I keep it strong. I try my best to not use “I can’t”or “I won’t” but instead, use the words of “I will try”, or usually us Arabs tend to always use “Inshallah”.

Photo by Ridds Photography

As I found the inner peace, I started to glow with not just happiness but peace, love and acceptance. It is the best feeling!!! How did that come to be ???  Stopped looking at my past with regrets and looked at my future with a smile. I changed my routine from exercising a bit more, eating better ( found out I am not good with dairy ), meditate, surround myself with positive people, pray , read a quote a day and set myself goals for myself.


The glow comes only if you want to make a change in your life, when you decide its time to change my mind, body and soul. If you want to wake up in the morning smiling, that is your choice… If you want to start changing your body, that is your choice…. If you want to feel at peace and handle a situation better, that is your choice. Research !!!! Discover!!! Try !!!

Farrah12 (1)
Photo by Ridds Photography

Today I feel new, different, happy, even more ambitious, determined and utter joy. I am not the woman skipping down the road with all the happiness but I am that woman that smiles through thick and thin. I am that woman who sees the good in a bad situation, the woman who wants to help others up, the woman who wants to spread peace, love and joy.

Photo by Adriana Pucciano

I guess my name reflects who I have always been but needed a way to release and express it… FARAH ( in arabic means joy)

My look:

Cape : Lavish Alice

Jumpsuit : Reiss

Heels: Sarah Jessica Parker

Accessories : Topshop



Josh Riddle from Ridds Photography 

Adriana Pucciano from Kuraberry 

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