A music festival to remeber in Horsham this year will now be Sussex Sound Festival. A beautiful sunday 27th in morning with sun shining ( a rare moment in England ) , music of all kinds heard through the town and delicious food to accompany it. It all started at 11 am where there was music coming from Market Square, West Street and Carfax. It was a well organized event with such great support from the crowd watching. There was a variety of food from around the world positioned at carfax.


The music through the town was a mixture and all local to Sussex. This was a chance to get to know the homegrown talents in the area and there certainly a few. It was nice listening to Danny Dangerously, Paul Stanworth, The Jukebox 6 and more. I have to say the one that really stuck out was Third Wheel. They were vibrant , entertaining and played such a good mixture of music.


The food choices for this event were lovely and a variety . I found the choices alot better than most events especially for those who are plant based. I tried Momo which is nepalese street food , The Syrian kitchen and Paella Fever as well as dessert from the ice cream van. There was coffee from the Coffee Machine and there were alcoholic beverages from different street food vendors. There were a few more but I wasn’t able to try their food.


Sussex Sound festival was a great end to summer holidays and bank holiday weekend. The more we all come out to support these festivals the more chances of have them another year. We as a community need to come out support events like these, vendors and more. It just makes Horsham the place to be. I hope to see Sussex Sound Festival in the future.

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