Granola is not usually the first thing I think of when it comes to breakfast but since Fava Mill I have had a change of heart. Fava Mill is a company from Finland making the finest superfood. Its taking breakfast to another level in terms of being healthy, nutritious and flavourful . 

fava 6

The Fave Mill granola’s have more protein than eggs, are low in sugar and salt but are high in fibre. They are just great for a healthy and filling breakfast in the morning. I decided to put together different kinds of ways to use the  granola. They have several flavours from apple & cinnamon, apricot & papaya, berries & beets and cranberry. 

I have a love for pancakes but these banana and egg pancakes with mixture of buckwheat flour and wheat germ. I put in a little cranberry granola in the pancake mix to blend in a different flavour. To add a bit of sweetness it was topped off with some honey and fresh fruits. 


This is the easiest to make but I twisted it up but mixing the granola’s with some honey, butter and sugar. I put the mix granola in the fridge for about 30 mins. I used some vanilla soya , tossed on the sweet granola and fresh fruits. 


fava 17

Its some french toast loving … This is wholemeal bread with egg, soya milk, cinnamon and some brown sugar. It was all fried up in some coconut oil. I took raspberries, blueberries and cranberries , smashed them up together, tossed on some granola and strawberries. A colourful and healthy breakfast. 

All these recipes are so easy to make and with granola, its just easy to put into all your meals. 

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