Holland & Barrett has always been my go to place for my healthy and lifestyle things. They have food, fitness and beauty products through all their stores and online. This season they have made life even better by adding more vegan ranges as well as cruelty free and environmentally friendly products. It has made buying everything in one place possible. I attended their press day event and love what I seen so far.


Holland and Barrett is known for displaying a variety of healthy choices from vitamins and other things. Perfectil has been a brand I have know for a while for women’s hair, skin and nails but this time they had added some extra goodies to their range. They have hair collagen and skin collagen range, which has a wonderful taste of passion fruit. I have started use Skin Collagen and I slowly starting to see a slight difference (more to come on the blog).

Some of you may have heard of CBD, and there are lots of ways of taking them. I have tried all sorts as much as anyone who wants to sort out their anxiety and more. I was lucky to enough to come across Satipharm at the Holland & Barrett event. I was reading about their clinical trials which have show a high success rate. Its next on my agenda to try for a 2 to 3 months.

The good thing with press days like Holland & Barretts they introduce you to new products, companies as well as people in occupations to help the body. I has the pleasure of meeting a physiotherapist, I believe anyone who loves the working out in the gym or exercising or even plays any sport have meet one at least once a month. I have had problems with my shoulder, so I got to have a professional opinion and a bit of a relief by Ben Lombard.

It may sound crazy to some but a shot of Apply Cider does alot of good for the body. I tend to drink it for 2 weeks to help clean out my system. I can imagine you saying… YUK but you have to try it. If you want to start look to Willy’s ACV. I had a shot and its definitely not as bad to have with some water. The benefits of apple cider vinegar: 1- Helps with digestion 2-Supports the immune system 3- Helps with reducing Belly fat….. There is many more.


H&B have brought in a good amount of food options from ready made meals, snacks, drinks and more. The food are even more healthier especially for vegetarian and vegans. I was so pleased to try Deliciously Ella new frozen range- vegan chilli corn carne and more. I even got to meet Ella Woodward, which made my day.

When it comes to snacking I love the fact I have more choices when it comes to sweet and savory. If need a change from munching on chocolate or something not really good food you, look into Livia’s Million Square.

I know not all have a sweet tooth, so to fix that I would say try Olly Olives. I love olives especially in hot weather like we currently have in England. Olives are high in Vitamin E and antioxidants- which means your body doesn’t loose out with such a snack.

As lunch is always a struggle when you have long hours or you just want something light and easy. I had the chance of trying Mr Lee’s noodles, and it was a good option. They have a variety of flavours and they also provide vegan choices, so no one is really left out.

Where there is food there is drinks! I don’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy the summer. ISH has brought a twist to those that once used to drink, and decided to stop. Rumish and Ginish with the same reciepes of a normal cocktail, actually taste the same. This time you can enjoy some sunshine and a non- alcoholic mojito without loosing out on the taste and feeling tipsy or drunk. For some this may seem impossible but you got to try it to believe it.

Where we see healthy living, there must be some tea involved… Yes. Holland & Barrett doesn’t ever disappoint with the amount. This time, Tea+ has take the light with a tasty and yet healthy cup of tea. They have 4 different flavours and each does give a health benefit for your everyday life.

If you need a good night sleep, there is Pukka with some delicious night time latte. I have to say ginger joy and their turmeric flavour stole my heart, as it reminded of my of chai masala or chai karak for some.


When it comes to beauty and lifestyle, cruelty free and environmentally friendly is the way forward. Only Good has hit the shelves in H&B with a wide range of cruelty free bath and body products. They all smell so good and really feels soothing on the skin.

When it comes to shampoos and conditioners I always go for a bar. Ethique had provided all that an more at H&B. They are cruelty free, plastic free and zero waste… All things we look for in 2019 and the future in most our products. They have hair, body and face bars with all wonderful smells and good for the skin.

When we talk about being environmental we are also talking about packing. Beauty Kitchen has taken front and centre with reusing their packaging. When you buy any of their products in a bottle, you can bring it back to any Holland and Barrett and they will clean out the bottle and reuse it. This is helping the environment one step at a time.

Holland & Barrett is definitely encouraging change from all ends… Health, food, fitness, beauty and more. Its good to see the changes and the new upcoming independent companies who are paving the way to a healthier life and body.

10 thoughts on “Good Reasons To Shop At Holland & Barrett

  1. Michael says:

    I was near on saying that I think I want a massage too but it was more than that lol. Having a therapist really helps when you feel something bad/weird. Hopefully I’ll set foot in the place soon.

    • twinspirational says:

      I have heard about Apple Cider Vinegar a lot. I really want to try this for my regular routine. Sounds so great for the body.

  2. Kuntala Bhattacharya says:

    I know about H&B and the services and products they offer. But alas its not there in India. Good post and I am sure those who are not aware would soon visit. Who won’t like a relaxing massage after a daily stressful life.

  3. mudpiefridays says:

    This looks like a perfect place to shop. Never been there but I would definitely go there and see this amazing stuff.

  4. Kiwi says:

    Wow this is my kind of store. I am becoming more health conscious and paying more attention to my wellness lifestyle so a lot of these products I would buy!

  5. Agnes Vazhure says:

    One of my favorite thing to do when bored or stressed is shopping. And I know I am not the only one. And there is one place that we love to visit. I think I might try to shop here if possible.

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