Finding the bits and bobs to make your wardrobe unique is always fun. I love events like Etisalat Beach Canteen’s because they bring together unique designers and business in Dubai. As the food festival is on in Dubai till March 11th, their is no excuse not visit. The event has a few wonderful brands that are great to add to the wardrobe for Spring/Summer.

Let’s talk Fashion and Art…..

Boutique Nomad

Its is definitely a must visit especially with their amazing bags. The bags are made by a village in Colombia and to be honest its really affordable. There are some other bits and bobs within the store but the bags stole my heart. The beauty behind the store is a woman with a colour soul a well as hair. 


 The home to artist with passion especially in the Middle East. Mont8 is a brand that makes life easier for artist to have their work seen on canvas to t-shirts and more. I loved the art work especially the calligraphy, which always looks beautiful on anything. They have a mixture of canvas to put on the wall which really makes an empty room look beautiful.



A concept store which I am happy to see especially with menswear. Its a market people forget to tap into which great designs. I loved the face they have mixture of styles, designers and ideas on what mens fashion has become. Its good to see a store in Dubai that is bringing in more menswear with type. 


I am woman that loves colour especially in sunglasses. I love Breikaut for creating funky colours and mix and match them at affordable prices. They are great for sunny days in Dubai or even on a holiday. I highly recommend to check them out especially if you want to be different. 


I love to see retro menswear brands come out in Dubai. Men can’t complain that we forgot them anymore, especially with the colours and styles at Deus Arabia. The brand is also unisex, which is great because women can pull of alot of styles even in menswear. The brand is fun, sporty and casual depending on your mood. 

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