This may be considered an old story but when I lived in Dubai I came across a brand called Baron Papillom. The brand is from Paris, France … and it was my lucky chance that it was in Dubai. I am a lover of funky designs especially when it comes to hi-tops, which are so comfortable but better when they are redesigned.

farah hi

These are not just any hi-tops because what I love about this is the ease of wearing it. You can slip into these master pieces instead of struggling with lacing it up. They have a variety of designs and styles to choose from. I have to thank my lovely Marie-Claire for making me fall more in love with the brand , her gold ones were love at first sight.

I added a pair of Baron Papillom hi-tops to my collection of shoes ( yes I am an addict to buying shoes, heels and hi-tops…. GUILTY). I am not the person to wear them with just jeans or sweat pants…. I like changing up my style when I go to events. Below is me at the Fashion Forward event in Dubai and with an all black look from Zamira Style, I had to add my hi-tops. When your standing all day and running from show to show these babies were a blessing to wear.

farah hi4

I had the chance to go to the store which stock the brand in Dubai.. O’de Rose in Jumeira. While popping into the store, I also bumped into DJ Big Ali who flew in from France to Dj at one of clubs. ¬†Check the link below to see my experience ……..

farah hi2

To see my visit to the store, meeting Big Ali and trying on the coolest hi-tops:

[wpvideo uFqGKeFd]





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