This year I decided it time to get healthier and try different things, I was told so many times to Cryo health ( Dubai Ladies Club) but never had the time till now. Cryotherapy is amazing and has several benefits such as recovery ( special used for athletes), anti ageing and weight loss. These are all the things we try to do in our lives through other methods. 

 I decided to try 3 minutes in -140 degrees…. at first it sounds crazy but realising its just like putting and ice pack when we get injuries in the gym or in sports but this time for your whole body. 
I had socks and clothes to keep me warm and rob before I start it all,.. when in the cube you are stripped down to your underwear. 
It has a quilted cushion inside and at the bottom 
Through 3 minutes I was suppose to move around and keep moving because if I stopped which is what I did a few times… I started feeling stiff. It was cold !!!!!! After the 3 minutes, I come out of my freezing cold temperature to walk around again and this is because of the cold tingling feeling I have in my legs. 
I results did not come straight away but after a few ours , I felt less pain in my lower back and hips which is where I feel pain most the time. It is definitely something worth trying! Of course, before you start the session they will asking you all the questions needed before they throw into such a temperature. 
There are 2 locations to try Cryotherapy by Cryo Health… Dubai Ladies Club and Jumeirah Emirates Towers. 
For more on Cryo Health: CLICK HERE

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