Freeport in Alcochete …. The perfect place to get high street brands of Portugal at a cheaper price, and a few seasons ago. It was a must go on Boxing day. Yes I need some new pieces for my wardrobe. It was a good day and a sunny day for some shopping and food. 


Freeport is not really that difficult to get to if your take the bus, its 10 Euro with return , which is a bargain. It was  about 45 mins journey without traffic, which lovely trip by bus to cross the Ponte Vasco Da Gama. The chance to see more of Lisbon or Portugal is worth it, as there is alot to see. 


Freeport has its perks as well, the whole point of an outlet mall is to get extra goodies to buy more. When buying the ticket on the bus( which do have locations of pick up, mine was Hotel Mundial) , I was able to get 10% off extra on the items that weren’t on sale. I found it such a benefit, especially when I was in NIKE. The best part for me is the collection at the store was COLOURFULLLLLLLLLLLLL, yes I plan to make everyone crazy with colour in the gym. There was a few other stores but there was not British Brands at the Outlet, apart from Burberry. There was Lefties, Pull and Bear, Adolfo Dominguez and many more. 

For lunch, there was some nice little places to eat but I ended up at Hamburgueria Portuguesa, which I highly recommend. It was tasty, easy to eat and at a good price for the amount I got. Once my belly was filled, went walking around until my bus arrived at 4:30pm to take me back into Lisboa City Centre. Of course going back was mission as it was TRAFFIC TIME…. ( So glad I am not driving)  


It was about an 1hour and 20 minute later … Rushed to the hotel so that I can chill out for the evening, and it was worth the chill out with the view to look at.

After a long day of shopping, it was time for a chill out at Topo Bar. I have to thank my friend Pedro for introducing me to the place. I loved the scenery from the bar, the atmosphere and great drinks. Al few of the place I went to in Lisbon were chilled out, relaxed and friendly.  

Check the full day on My Channel- WORLD OF FAZ:


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