When a small town gives vegan choices, you know good changes are happening. Horsham Tandoori, which are an Indian takeaway has started to creat a variety of vegan choices. As looking through the menu, I had no idea what to pick.

Photos by Danilo Torrisi Photography

I choose a variety of starters, which have now become my favourite options. The starters were Brinjol baji (aubergine/eggplant) , bindi baji (okra/lady fingers) and vegetable samosa. The main dishes I choose were Tikka masalla and biryani. I highly recommend the Tikka Massalla with coconut rice.

Photos by Danilo Torrisi Photography

The food is good and caters to the market in the UK. It is not spicy, so everything is edible. If you would like it to be spicy, you can request.

9 thoughts on “Food: Horsham Tandoori Has Added Vegan Choices

  1. Rhea Evangelista says:

    not sure if we have horsham here in dubai, I’ve heard they use possible ingredients that are locally sourced using only the very best quality.

    Been into Indian restaurant before, it’s my first time and i like the menu. I love spicy food so I enjoyed it.

  2. Mick says:

    It’s lunch time where I am and this is giving me doubts about my food right now. This looks amazing and looking forward to trying this tmrw! Thank you!!

  3. Clarice says:

    The food looks great! It’s nice to know that your small town has vegan choices. It is usually a challenge to find one. The vegetable samosa looks really delicious.

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