Flared jeans that flatter the body, is hard to come across. I feel in love with Graysey as soon as I saw their jeans. They made sure to create unique pieces with their touch of colourful panels. They are made of soft denim with breathable inside panels. The line is called Jeaks ™.. Its sounds so hip and trendy but inspired by the 1970s.

Photos by Danilo Torrisi Photography

Graysey jeans is a great fit for my body. I tried their largest size, and it helped suck in the belly without it feeling tight. It lifted the booty and made my legs look longer, the top model feel. The leopard panel is what made me want these jeans straight away.

Photos by Danilo Torrisi Photography

The fact that these jeans can go from casual day look to an evening makes them a good pair to have. It can be wore with any top and pair of shoes or heels. As the bottom of the jeans is not overly flared, and not cleaning up the floor; its just perfect even for a night out.

Photos by Danilo Torrisi Photography

The clash of patterns and colour does not even effect the jeans. It all stands out and flatters the figure. The older I seem to get , the more fearless with my style I seem to be. These jeans are part of my personality.

Photos by Danilo Torrisi Photography

Graysey jeans all started 2 years ago, with a sketch and a beautiful dream. Doug and Natasha, the master minds behind the brand, wanted to create something different with something we all take for granted, jeans. They created a staple into comfort and style.





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