I needed a change in transportation so I took a train from Madrid to Barcelona. It was a journey definitely worth taking, with being able to see more of Spain. I took a similar trip from Lisboa to Porto and it was beautiful. I booked first class on Renfe and arrived in Barcelona during day light.

The journey was smooth and just what I needed from the constant walking through cities. I got to see the beautiful mountains, to desert like views and greenery that was captivating. The first class on Renfe provided food and drinks which were much better than airplane food. I arrived in Barcelona around 3pm, a preferred time to arrive in any city. I took the underground to get as close as I can to my hostel.

I arrived at El Clot-Arago station and walked a good 15 minutes to get to Urbany Hostel BCN Go. My hostel was booked through Hostels World. Its a lovely hostel with alot of character to it. I booked an all girls room, and received a view of the main road, and really funky lights to make the room even more relaxing. It was a blessing arriving at this hotels because I got to meet Jiana, who is a beauty inside and out. She was kind enough to invite me on her night out 🙂

We got dressed up for 8pm and was hunting for some food in Barcelona. We came across a lovely restaurant Volta Al Mon , it had a unique menu taking us around the world with different dishes. The food was tasty with lots of flavors, the staff were helpful and kind and the pricing was reasonable. After a good dinner, Jiana introduced me to some lovely people from Barcelona at a gathering before we headed to Razzmatazz to see a Tokimonsta.

The day of traveling first class to Barcelona and night of dancing with Jiana was just a few reasons why I love traveling . When on solo adventures like these, the people I meet tend to make me happy I never planned a day.



23 thoughts on “First Class To Barcelona

  1. The Wildest Tales says:

    Barcelona is one of my fave cities in Europe and I also love travelling by train – so comfy and you don’t have to go through any security controls nor spend time queuing at the airport. You were so lucky to meet that girl, it only proves that having a local “guide” really rounds up already beautiful experience!

  2. Marcella says:

    Thanks a lot for checking out our page of Barcelona. It sounds like you had a lot of fun in Barcelona and I am pretty sure you will have a blast the next time!

  3. Kemi says:

    NIce! I’m ure you had fun because I had fun on my solo trip and stayed in a hostel too. Lol. You get to meet folks from all over in a hostel and being Spain, the food is amazing.

  4. Katie says:

    Train journey sounds so much more relaxing than flying… what have i never thought of this before?! Looks like toy had a great trip, thanks for sharing

  5. Rachelle says:

    I love taking train journeys. Like you said, you can slow down and really get to see the countryside. Your video is super fun and making me want to book a trip to Spain right now.

  6. Holly says:

    I’m yet to get to Spain but hear great things! The beauty of staying in hostels is meeting new people that show you experiences you wouldnt have necessarily had if you traveled with the security of a friend!

    But what is a Tokimonsta?

  7. Rosie Fluskey says:

    Awww train travel is so wonderful. What did you get to eat? It’s great t hear that you made a good dorm friend. it can make all the difference to your dorm experience.

  8. Josy A says:

    Aww this sounds like such a good start to the trip! Good for you, treating yourself and going first class!

    I have only been to Barcelona once, but I loooved it. It is such a pretty city to explore!

  9. Unta says:

    Barcelona is so fun, I’ve been 5 years ago but seriously thinking to go back soon. I’m glad you enjoyed the ride and the city.

  10. Sav says:

    Love this trip summary! I missed Spain on my last Euro trip… Will definitely have to check out the Madrid-Barcelona train when I go. Trains in Europe are my favorite way to see the countryside.

  11. Lance says:

    I don’t know why we don’t take a train more often. It is such an amazing way to see the countryside and so much more comfortable than flying. I love these serendipitous moments when you meet someone special during travel. Such a great experience.

  12. Maggie says:

    First class is hard to beat!! Once you travel first class, it’s hard to go back to economy haha. I haven’t been to Spain yet, but i want to soon!

  13. Anjali W says:

    Have heard such great things about Barcelona City. It’s already on my list! Your post makes me want to visit it soon. The video of the trip seems so much fun too.

  14. NieNie says:

    I absolutely loved Barcelona! Although we did visit during a kind of funk. It was a lot harder for us to connect with locals. But it’s such a beautiful city!

  15. Moimehr says:

    Lovely write up on Barcelona. Had a good time reading it. I am in love with this place. The vibes are such that although there is so much to do in Spain you won’t feel like budging a bit from Barcelona.

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