It is radio time for World of FAZ on Business Radio Sussex … Yes I was on radio in Horsham for the first time with Business Radio. A radio station dedicated to helping small and independent businesses in West Sussex. I felt excited to be able to welcome more readers and followers into my little world. I will be on Business Radio now and then updating you all on fashion with independent designers and brands to check out on fashion, food and fitness. …. ( I have not forgotten you men)!!!!!


The team behind the business radio are full of passion, excitement and experience. They created this station in order to help the small businesses that make a difference in a little or big way. Every Thursday from 12pm till 3pm they talk to different businesses on certain topics which effect the community. I was on the show talking about employment especially about Metropolitan Fashion Show. 

fazone air

I also had the chance of meeting the bar queen of West Sussex… Alya Hartman who opened Raise the Barre . Barre has transformed my life so this definitely classes to try out. I will definitely be at the classes in Crawley to keep fit .. 🙂 


Check me out on the radio !!!!! Below is my part on the radio… playing it back to myself I was laughing. 



To Listen to Business Radio Sussex : CLICK HERE 




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