I try my best to live a very healthy lifestyle especially when it comes to food. I came across Planet Organic about a month ago while looking for some healthy treats. I was also lucky because 90% of what I was looking for was on offer or had some kind of sale on it. BARGAIN for health food is always a good sign.

The Planet Organic is simple to use and with everything, you can think of for those who need lactose-free, gluten-free and many more. I wanted treats that were healthy but still sweet ( I was being lazy instead of making them).

It looks a lot in the box but it was worth every penny because it kept me going for a month. I decided to try all the snacks and sweets available I could find especially the Kookie Cat cookies and all the Ombar flavours. I mixed up with also ordering a chocolate spread, kale crisps as well as some Chia seeds pudding breakfast options. I always say you will never know till you try.

Ombar was my go-to chocolate bar since reading so many reviews on it. These were soo delicious and the perfect size to buy in order to control my chocolate addiction. I love dark chocolate and Ombar just seems to be the match.

Mister Free’d was a great option for my one-off cravings for crisps especially kale and spinach flavour. They are both great with some salsa or coconut yogurt with lime pickle ( yes, I have odd choices of sauces).

The Kookie cat cookies are my fave to snack on so I had to order more flavours to try out. They are great for a quick snack and good for the body. Well, I believe they are good for the body ( all in my head).

Planet Organic is a great way to find the newest healthy choices at a click and they always email their new offers ( no good for me when I want to buy it all .. hahha). I would advise when ordering to have it delivered to your nearest shop as the company used for delivery DPD are not reliable for a home delivery.


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