There are always those few people in life where being odd is natural, that is me. I was looking through a some of my pictures from my childhood, teens, university days… Yes odd ball written all of it. I don’t say it as if I am ashamed of it, if anything I am more proud of it. It takes time to find out who you are and accepting it, it just turns out I was Farah from the very beginning. When it comes to fashion, I dress the way I want, especially after studying at University for 4 years in fashion.

I get asked alot what is the trend??- I usually blank out in confusion. Why ? Well I didn’t think I needed to read a magazine or look at a fashion forecast to see what is the trend. Every single one of us has a unique style that we are comfortable in, or we grow into over time. We all may not agree on it but it what makes every individual different and special. A trend for me is not based on what the runways have or the celebrities wear, its on what suits your body and matches your style.


I will not lie but we do get influenced by different people or social media platforms. I tend to look through instagram, pintrest and some of my favourite bloggers for inspiration. The look I put together is based on my love for puffy skirts, such as skirts made from tulle, accessories and loving my comforts such as my air Jordan hi tops. We don’t have to wear high heels to be a fashionsita or be considered a fashion blogger.

I learned a lesson from my mother years ago, when it comes to clothing- TRY IT ON. Not every single thing made in fashion suits everyone’s body from heights and body shape. It was the best advice I got to find what suits me better. I don’t encourage to shop for everything on the high street, find independent brands or designers, vintage shops, charity stores and more. For example my blazer or jacket was found at a outlet store in Milan – by Roberto Cavalli, my t-shirt was from Mont8 ( which I found at the food festival in Dubai) , the gold glove is from designer Faye Della Luna. The whole look was found through my travels and inspiration.

Why hi-tops? Well its just a personal choice and comfort. Ever since I can remember as a kid, hi-tops were my go to. So I thought, why not mix it up mixing it with Chic and funk. In a way it shows my personality, the fun and casual side. When it comes to styling – mixing up the style didn’t kill anyone. Who cares who looks are you strangely down the road, do you feel great? do you feel confident ? do you feel more yourself? …. If that is YES. Then stick to it !

Top: Mont8

Jacket : Vintage Roberto Cavalli

Tutu: Asos

Hi-tops: Air Jordans ( Level Shoe-Dubai Mall)

Gloves: Faye Della Luna 

Earrings: Gifted


Cheryl Zimmermann 




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