July, a time of the year we all get excited to travel especially some place warm with sunshine 99% of the time. This year turning 31, I celebrated in Malta and I was toasting in the sun. As I said before we all get excited for sun, but as soon as it reaches 30 degrees Celsius, some of us are wish we did not ask for it. On the bright side, I did get my beautiful brown skin back. It was long overdue!!!! Malta and Gozo, 2 places with so much history… Arabs( Moroccans) , English, Italians ( Sicilians) and french. All this shows not just in the countries architecture but also language and food.

Valetta, Malta.

The first day was the chance for my body to adjust the weather. It was smooth sailing arriving in the Malta, even with the long immigration lines it was still manageable. I booked a car from booking.com from airport to hotel, so I did not have to drag my luggage around the streets getting lost… ( this is normal thing to happen to me .. Hahah) .

I booked at the Valletta Merisi Suities which was booked through EasyJet Holidays – definitely worth looking into. I had a 1 bedroom which could fit 2 to 4 people. Its was not far from the main streets in the city,which was good from the map. I walked up Triq San Gwan and came across some lovely restaurants such as, Infame. As I walked up the road or long flights stairs and hill I came to Merchants Street, a long road with full of restaurants. The restaurants were a mixer of Maltese, Greek, Italian and others. In the evening I do suggest trying out La Bottega or Wild Honey from some music and good cocktails.

When it came to food I realized Valletta had alot of Italian restaurants but I managed to find a few Maltese I recommend to try out. My favourite is Legligin, the food was amazing, the staff were lovely and helpful. Kings own band club & Restaurant is another good restaurant located in Republic street. Its a mixture of Maltese and Italian, which is very common to come across in the country.

As its the summer, I lucky enough to come across one of the weekly tradition festivals in Valletta. In every town in Malta they celebrate a saint and it goes all on all evening.

If you are like me and booked into a hotel- apartment , a supermarket is needed. I managed to come across one at the food court on Merchant street which has also specialized dietary choices. It was near by from where I was staying.

In every country I go to, I always see the whole city or country as I was in Malta through the tour buses. I went on City Sightseeing and went on about 2 routes of Malta. There buses start from 9.32am in Valletta and finishes by 4pm. Its a good amount of time to get around and explore in 2 days. I payed 40 Euro for 2 days tour of Malta and Harbor Cruise.

City Sightseeing Malta

I think the easiest way to see a city is to try out their tour buses. I managed to see about 90% of the most important parts of the country and fit in some time out by the sea. I will give you a heads up, don’t expect sandy beaches, I learnt that passing a few areas. I always go on these tours so then its easier for me to decide whether I want to go back and revisit. That did not happen as much on this trip.

The blue south route is a must see as it goes through some of the popular swimming locations such as Golden bay, Bugibba, St Julians and Silema . I got to chill by the sea in Bugibba for my birthday. Bugibba is well know for British holiday goers but I was lucky enough that I had a more peaceful day with Maltese people.

I managed to finish both tours but I looked very toasty by the end of the 2 days. I was also slightly burnt but I am not complaining at all. The love for Sun and sea water runs deep in my blood.

Sliema and St Julians

A well know resort town is Silema and St Julians and especially again among British tourist. If your a party manic it definitely the place to go for a night of drinking and dancing. By the way I am going with what I heard, I didn’t try it as its not my kind holiday. I went to both areas and involved me being in sea water.

As I am not the woman for large area of drunk tourist, so I went to Westins on Dragonara Road. Its about 18 Euro to enter if your going for a full day, which is worth it. The view from where I was sitting was worth it. It was a little unusual as they made a little mini pool with the sea water and rocks. The water was cold and refreshing at a day on bus burning myself. I highly recommend if you need a time out.

As passing through to St Julians, I had to take a dip in the Roman baths in Sliema. It is not hard to find and with frequent bus services its even easier to go arrive infront of it.

I dipped into one of the baths and it was deep. It was interesting to see such baths by the sea. Alot of the it slowly deteriorating due to the sea.

While in Sliema, I walked around the town. I wanted to know why everyone I knew seemed to book in the area. My conclusion its just a typical tourist area with clubs and alot more bars. I do recommend for food, a little hidden gem at The Plaza. They have a downstairs food court with a mixture of food from Peru, Indian and Hawaiian. While I am away in any country, I try my best to eat healthy. I really liked Po-k, they had a variety of choices and every bowl was flavoursome.


As Gozo was not next door for me to easily get to, I booked with Supreme Travel. The lady who helped me Irina, made sure it was all smooth sailing to arrive there and leave on time. The company organizes the transport to get to Gozo with a bus from Valetta to Cirkewwa. It took about 50 to 60 minutes to get to the ferry. On the way I got to see other places which I had not had the time to visit. The ticket to Gozo included the bus journey, ferry to there and the sightseeing tour. The ferry journey was just about 15-20 minutes.

Once I arrived in Gozo, I hopped on the Green Gozo Sightseeing bus. The tour around the island took around 2 and half hours. It stopped at all the main spots which were known historically and are popular with the tourist.

I got off at Xlendi Bay, which was a popular are for swimming, snorkelling and even diving. I was mainly on the hunt for food, some delicious fresh seafood.

I finished the journey within 3 hours and went back to Valletta. I paid about 4 Euro for my return ticket to Cirkewwa. Supreme Travel organize my transport back to Valetta, the were really helpful and kind in showing me good location to go even in Malta.

My trip to Malta and Gozo was different, and a nice change. I got to try new cuisines, see parts of history, understand another language and swim in beautiful sea water. I can not complain. I think I would have stayed 4 days instead 6 as it was enough to see the whole country and chill by the sea.

16 thoughts on “Exploring Malta and Gozo In July

  1. Gervin Khan says:

    I have never been into that place but I can say that it was a nice place to visit and looks like that you really had a great and wonderful time exploring that place.

  2. David Elliott says:

    It looks like it’s so amazing out there. And you had a spectacular time. I would have to try out those baths. It looks like such fun, and unfortunate it’s going away because the sea is eroding it.

  3. Ann says:

    Oh no I kind of regret not booking those tickets with RA to Malta now. I thought there was not much to do there but your blog post proved me wrong! Thanks for sharing those amazing photos!

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