Its that time of the year where I can eat to my hearts content at Dubai Food Festival, my happiest kind of festival… OF COURSE!!!! I popped over on Thursday 23 Feb 2017 to Etisalat Beach Canteen, to see what new concepts or new companies have opened up. I love Dubai for having such festivals because you get to see some crazy concepts and some fun ones. These are some of my fave so far !

 Swag Truck

Its a definitely must try if you want something refreshing and light at the Swag Truck. I had the chance of trying Mediterranean Gourmet Hot Dog, Shrimp Tacos and a side of Garlic & Smoked Cheddar Fries. I loved how they mixed the hot dog and hot shrimp with a cold salad, it was a taste palette of food on a such a good day. The portion sizes were reasonable and as well as the price.


El Cubano

Cuban street food in Dubai, I haven’t seen this before and it was great from El Cubano. I order a beef Empanda and Pollo Colada. The empanda had smoked beef brisket, which was good ( I say good because there was something missing, but that’s mine thought). The pollo colada were my fave, as it was crunchy, just the right amount of chicken with a side of spicy pineapple chutney. All that was missing from all of it was some Cuban music and a bit of street casino dance. CUBAN love in Dubai, just perfect.


The Inventing Room

This is definitely a must try when at the canteen is The Inventing Room, not just cause I am a person who is curious to try new food but I felt like I was in a little science lab. I tried the chai karak milk shake with some popping creaming ( IT DOES POP) and pistachio topping. They had some great iced pop corn and cheetohs, to be honest its perfect dessert on a hot day by the beach. I also advise on watching how they make it, its fascinating!



Nouq has changed my mind about camels milk forever, for the better. I remember trying it as a kid and it was not my happiest moment. Nouq uses camel milk to create some truly taste ice creams with flavours such honey saffron ( a must try ), chocolate chip, caramel biscuit, vanilla and many more. For those that think I am crazy, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT BEFORE JUDGING MY MADNESS.


Project Chaiwala

For those that grew up in Arabia or even India, chai karak and masala are in our traditions so we all think ever tea company is the same. I came across Project Chaiwala through wondering the festival, and met one of the guys behind the brand as well as his happy crew ( when you meet them you will know why I say that- Lol). The amount of research, experiments and time spent from both Ahmed and Justin shows in the taste. They provide:

1- Karak

2- Masala

3- PCW Signature 

4- Sulemani ( Black tea brewed without milk) 

5- Darjoolong

6- Silver Green 

7- Matcha

8- Matcha Late 

I will be honest about it all I love the teas ( still a few more to try), the concept and the guys behind it all just make it extra special. I really liked the face they gave you the tea in pot, that they hop you use it to grow a plant in it. Its all about being environment and giving back to nature. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING THIS. 


There is more to come…… I had to burn to refuel !!!!! 

One thought on “Etisalat Beach Canteen

  1. Fred says:

    Thank you so much for such a positive review! It is our mission to show the world how good camel milk products can taste, when the milk is pasteurized. I hate cow’s milk because of its strong fatty/dairy smell but I’m totally fine with camel milk which is slightly watery, and never got me sick.
    See you soon at Ripe Market or any other festival 🙂

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