Its time for a change in a new year and the change is big to me. The change came after a trip to Cuba and reading the ‘Girl Code’ at the end of 2017. I found myself loving who I am more than before from mind to body. This year has started with a smile as I have collaborated with Tobi, to bring this new Farah to 2018. An online fashion brand which makes anyone woman feel great in every piece of clothing, well that is what I have felt. The collaboration also brought together a few talents based in West Sussex to bring what I have said into the spotlight.

The first piece is a black lace top, an easy piece to put together to look classy in whatever style. I have played around with the top and tried it with jeans, skirts, trousers and even over some of my dresses. It gives the delicate detail to a plain outfit or looks. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and just pair it with a bralette, it’s daring for me but it felt good.

A lady who loves colour which brings me to this pink cropped sweater. It’s not usually a piece I would pick when shopping but the whole point of change is stepping out of the usual routine. It’s a great piece because you can dress it up or down. I like that I was a little baggy so I could wear it with literally anything from pencil skirts, skinny trousers, dresses and more. Its a top for every occasion. In this shoot, I wore it with my fave mommy jeans and a statement necklace, with a pair of heals and I am ready for a night out.


This was the dress that made me fell woow starting 2018. It is certainly a different look and outfit than what I usually wear, which makes it just right. This emerald plunging velvet dress was perfect from my so-called oddly shaped body ( its all in my head of course). Its a great dress for special occasions or the red carpet event. If you don’t like showing to much off, you can wear a tank top, a black on the inside. I have tried it, so it does work.

This photoshoot brought out a different side of me, the more happier Farah. Its the Farah that accepts herself as she is, with all the flaws and I still smile. I have to thank my dear Tia from Tia Bliss Make-up Artist And Hair Stylist from making me feel like a queen, her talent in creating different looks is amazing. Behind the scenes, if you have seen from instagram photos my girl Petra (aka my gym partner), took some of the shots. The man of the hour is Danilo, all the photos he has taken for me over the past 6 months or more have been amazing.


5 thoughts on “Embracing My New Found Confidence in 2018 with Tobi

  1. Kristi Schultz says:

    Good for you for stretching outside your comfort zone! I hate shopping for clothing because nothing ever seems to fit right and I never know what I should choose to be ‘in fashion’. I like how you’re challenging the norm and I’ll have to check out this line of clothing. Thanks!

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