Elegant is what ever lady wants to feel especially when wearing  Carolyn Baxter collection. Every time I try a Carolyn Baxter design I feel like it was made for my body. I find it difficult to find dresses that made for a body shape and ones the flatter it but not with Carolyn Baxter. This time Carolyn as also made some full length skirts which go perfect for any special occasions.  


This skirt can be made in any colour and are made to measure, which is great when you have weddings and balls. I loved that it was high waisted and made me look really tall with a good pair of heels.  It can look like a full dress with the same colour tone top. 


I styled the skirts with a mixture of tops and mainly black due to the elegance of skirt and location. I felt like a hot latin in read and black, all I needed to do was start dancing. It is completely up to you as an individual what you want to what to put it with- from a bralet, lace top, a silk top , tank top or even a corset. The skirt is versatile of the special occasion and it can be worn again and again to create different looks. 


When looking for the right outfit for the special occasion, TRY IT first ! I love going to Carolyn Baxter because she takes you through it all and makes sure you feel right in her dresses and skirts. She gives her best advice due to her experience in the industry. Carolyn really makes every client feel special and which is why I love going to her for advice and the best looking gowns. 


Skirt from : Carolyn Baxter



Make up by Kifah 

Photos by Rang Images 

Location: Steak Edinburgh 

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