I love the cauliflower rice so when I get to find easy ways to make them, I buy them. I came across Cauli Rice when looking for a healthy replacement for rice. Cauli rice is simple to make and with 4 different flavours, so its definitely worth a taste if you want a diet change. It has been amazing with my new diet change of no gluten, and no refined sugar.

I decided with 4 different flavours to try different dishes I make with rice, with beans, chicken, eggs and more. It sounds all complicated but its simple and all nutritious as well as filling.

I tend to mix up the dishes from chicken to all vegetables. I used the Mediterranean flavour Cauli rice and topped it off with some beans and tomato for a quick lunch. It is completely up to you if you want to microwave it or cook it up. The beans are simple to make with some onions, garlic, ginger and pinto beans mixed with tomato paste, spices and water. In 15 minutes, I have a quick meal to set my belly at easy.

If you want to step it up another level toss in onions, garlic, ginger, chicken with any kind of vegetables you desire. I love butternut and sweet potato. I used the spicy chicken flavour to kick in some more spice to the dish.

This is a completely random method with Cauli Rice Original flavour. I like making cauliflower omelette but thats only on a good day it comes out like an omelette. I mixed the cauliflower rice and one 2 eggs together in bowl, tossed into a pan and made some scrambled cauli rice for a breakfast. Easy and simple with a side of avocado and tomato.

Cauli Rice allows you to have a healthy meal without it consuming too much of your time. I know after a busy day at work or even running around to meetings you don’t want to spend hours making a meal. It is made simple with a quick cook up in a pan with water for 2 and half minutes or in the microwave.

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