We all tend on using the phrases of “I CAN’T” or “I WILL NEVER”, when it comes to our comfort zone. We tend on being in secluded to a box due to our surrounds. It all depends on yourself if you are a leader that is happy to walk alone or a sheep that follows others. I was both as a kid due to not knowing myself well enough to be any. After some point, through high school I found my path and was considered an odd ball, weird, random and always on the move. I saw myself differently- usually thought of myself as unique. Of course through being a teen I doubted myself and didn’t really have a good self-esteem or confidence.


As a teen I used to use say “I CAN’T” to certain things due to being a afraid of what people might think. For example :

I can’t cook, its better I just eat.

I can’t learn a new language.

I can’t model, I don’t have the body for it or the look.

I can’t be bothered to travel because I am used to being at home in Dubai.

I would never stop having dairy, what would I do without it.

I would never be able to be fit after I stop playing football.

I would never be able to recover after my spine injury.

To much negativity that I became my own worse enemy, I became my obstacle. It was my naive ways that I thought I could stay in that left me feeling empty. Of course I write this with a new way of life and thinking about who I am. It all started when I moved to Scotland for University.


It started when I opened my own blog which was called Faz Fashion Diary hence why everyone calls me Faz. Fast Forward 5 years and I am a new woman and different person. I broke down the walls that I couldn’t climb, and choose to live life with the aim to be happy and at peace. The words “I CAN’T” feels so negative that I try not to utter them as much as possible. I have been able to do so much in 5 years that I consider myself accomplished with every challenge I take. Today I am a lifestyle blogger and youtuber ( that part is just starting ) who writes about fashion, food, fitness and travel with a new name for the blog. WELCOME TO WORLD OF FAZ or more like welcome to my madness.


Why am I so proud ? Many reasons… Lets start with :

I love what I do – Blogging and Vlogging (CLICK HERE)

I model when I can, due to the new found confidence. (CLICK HERE)

I can cook a variety of amazing food.

I live a healthy life.

I am in the best shape I have ever been since my spine injury at 18. ( CLICK HERE)

I travel as much as I can- which has opened my heart and mind to endless possibilities. (CLICK HERE)

I am learning Portuguese and Spanish.

I stopped listening to others and follow my own beat.

I love learning to grow and learn more – everyday is a new lesson to be learnt.

The friends and people I meet through life have made a difference in a small or big way in my life.

I shaved my head for an amazing cause- which change me. ( CLICK HERE)

This is to show you that you are the obstacle if you keep say “I CAN’T” or ” I NEVER WOULD” if you really haven’t tried. I say this all from experience of living life, from taking chances, from making changes and learning to say YES or NO when it really is needed. I am 29 and living the adventure and I might still be doing it at 60 or 80. That is something I learnt from my mother who changed her life because she decided that her age is just a number and not who she really is inside. I am blessed to have amazing people who inspire me especially women who empower me to accomplish more.



All photos by Danilo Torrisi

Location : Mungos Horsham


11 thoughts on “Don’t Say “I CAN’T” If You Haven’t Tried It

  1. Lisa says:

    You are amazing! There are alot of similarities between the steps we have taken in our lives and it is wonderful to see other women being able to achieve so much after doubt and fear have been in their past.

  2. Andrea Mujica says:

    this is perfect!! I always say to myself, since I was very young, “you don’t know if you cant if you have never tried” I try everything at least once. because you dont know what you are capable of. thanks for this post.

  3. Carrie says:

    I totally agree! When you say “I can’t” you automatically ensure that you won’t. I think you have to be able to imagine success in order to achieve it. Sounds like you’ve accomplished quite a lot with that attitude — nothing better than having a job you love and time to travel!

  4. Jewels says:

    I love this so much!! And I’m so happy that you are accomplishing all the things you set out to do. Our thoughts are so powerful, so simply switching negative language like “I can’t” makes such a big difference. BTW, I love your off the shoulder floral top πŸ™‚

  5. Gabby says:

    go girl! totally agree, we always tell ourselves we can’t do things, and if/when we finally do them we are somehow surprised… it is so true that sometimes the only thing holding you back is yourself!

  6. Danny K. says:

    Yes, we can! And It is natural to think I can do everything I can imagine.

    The only one problem is that they dont really want it and even never have tried.

    Keep going! And welcome to Korea, hahaha

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