When it comes to styling yourself we tend on being critical and stick to our comfort zone. Its just a natural habit we humans have especially with fast fashion. Over time you learn to pick and choose wisely when you find your own style. It took me a while to find what suits me as well as what I like. Some of you know me for my love for colour and some may think I am crazy but colours represent my style.

This look I put together is based on creating a quick look for summer maxi skirt but reusing clothing. The skirt I bought last summer from Boohoo.com and the top was from a market at Tipsy Gipsy in Dubai. As the top has a longer torso I was able to create a maxi dress look, ready for a summer with colour, that is if we get it through all the rain this May.

Accessories- it depends on your mood but I made it simple by pairing it up with Lara Heems Accessories. If you want to take it to another level you can add a long necklace and short one OR dangling earrings with a simple necklace.

To top of the look and make myself look extra taller with a pair of sandal heels from Schutz ( bought at Level Shoe District in Dubai Mall). I would also match this with flat sandals for summer holidays, or converse if I am going on long walks.

When buying clothing and styling yourself, try different styles. Its the best way to find out whats suits you or what you might like better. Do not compare yourself to the fashion ads as sometimes they are not realistic. Do not follow a group of friends trend, it just does not suit everyone. Try to slowly find your way to finding out the right look for you.


Photos by Cheryl Zimmerman


Top : Tipsy Gypsy

Skirt: Boohoo.com 

Earrings : Lara Heems

Shoes : Schutz


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