The last and final day of Fashion Forward… I missed most of the shows due to work ( Aviation world) but I arrived just in time for the finale. I arrived about 6pm and went round looking at things I missed out on through the few days. 

Interviewed by my friend and fave blogger Nadya Hasan from The Fierce Diaries for Closeup… I usually don’t get interviewed because I am always behind the scenes. 

 I met Thabit , a lovely gent and a youtuber with his funky channel called ‘Thabit Show‘. Definitely worth the watch. 

 Popped over to Gabs stand and picked out my favourite piece… An ipad cover. I love how one bag can be converted into several different sizes. I find a bags like theirs are great for everyday and for special events. 


 Can’t help but love this man .. Ushi Sato is an inspiring, ambitious and creative designer..We met at bloggers but behind it all he was a designer with a big spirit. 🙂 


 This fabolous individual has known me since I was wee high… Elga the lady behind La Femme in Dubai ! She always inspired me as a kid to follow my dreams and kept me motivated.
Nicole and I at Audi event… it was fab as we go to see The Emperor 1688 Menswear. Of course we got to meet some more fashionista’s on the way. 
A selfie with my blogger buds before we get into the Amato show …. it was tight in the media and press line… I think someone would have stepped on me. 
The 3rd day, I took it a bit easy as I was will trying to recover from the day before. I went in simple and relaxed with baggy t-shirt, jeans and flats. I had to go to the Gardens and dance to the tunes of Patchoulee.. a fab DJ with great tunes. The 3 days of fashion was worth it and I enjoyed because the people I have met a lovely. 

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