Salsa, a dance that can be traced by to Cuba in the 1940’s. It has changed in different countries over the years but it is addictive once you start learning. Dancing has always been a part of my life with ballet, hip-hop, and street jazz but salsa changed me completely. It is a dance that 11 years later and I can’t stop dancing where ever I go. When learning to dance salsa of any kind, the most important is have a good teacher who is really qualified to teach the originality of the dance. The groups I mentioned are the best I know and its all due to trying out classes with them.

My first Cuban Salsa class was in Dubai 11 years ago with Ritmo De Havana with Del Piero. He trained in Cuba to be a qualified teacher, which is very important to become. Del’s classes taught me so much from the history of the dance, the beats and how to become a good dancer. The courses were really good as it was step by step to learning each move. After a few weeks in I was hooked. The nights out helped me practice what I learned in class and I got to dance with so many different dancers, which helped me build my confidence. I have to thank Del Piero for giving me the steps to loving a dance I don’t want to live without.

After a few years, I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland for university. I came across Cuban Salsa School Edinburgh through looking for classes to join. They are lovely teachers who love Cuban salsa and music so much. They are definitely worth trying because even their nights are alot of fun.

I came across a Dominican group If You Can Walk You Can Dance who teach cross body style. It was good learning a different technique in dancing. It allows me to be able to adapt to different dancers. They also were very well known for bachata, which is a from the Dominican Republic and really easy to learn as well as passionate. This group has always been lovely and even performed at my 2nd fashion show in Edinburgh. I have to say its always a good night out with them especially when the animation team comes out.

If you walk you can dance introduced me to 100% Cubanisimo. Alfredo is a professional trained Cuban contemporary dancer who has the Cuban Rhythm in him. He helped me with alot of techniques to improve my dancing especially with feeling the music.


I moved again and came across Dance Cubano in Horsham. Nick and Anya are qualified teachers in Cuban Casino and train every 6 months in Cuba to learn new methods of teaching the dance. They are passionate about teaching and it shows in the way they explain the dance steps and music. I have to say seeing them dance explains everything, and it would make anyone want to dance like them. I highly recommend classes with them.


11 thoughts on “Cuban Salsa Is Addictive, I am Still Dancing It 11 Years Later!

  1. Laurence says:

    I always wanted to dance, but that’s a cool Cuban dance move. That’s good, that dancing is a part of your life and it’s easy for you to learn cuban moves, with passionate teachers 😀

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